Project Description

Surrey Hills Garden; Surrey Hills

  • Designer – Acres Wild
  • Constructed – Bushy Business Ltd
  • Planting Design – Acres Wild
  • Planted – Client


The tired old garden was rejuvenated with many different levels out from the house and outbuildings cleverly linked and incorporated, but given their own unique feel. Breedon gravel and Oak raised beds link to Chelmer Valley paviours outside the timber barn that run on to new York stone paving. The levels drop across the garden, retained by York stone walling to create a flat lawn that seamless runs from the house to the terrace onto the lawn. Existing stone steps were re-sited and extended in matching stone giving focus and access to the sports lawn beyond. The existing front drive was reduced and reshaped to soften the approach to the house and lush, shady planting used to give a softer more appealing vista to and from the house.