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Give your ‘patch of green‘ the ‘bushy‘ touch

Bushy Business Gardens - Roger Young
Bushy Business Gardens - Graham Nunns

So, you want to tackle the Wisteria on your pergola, prune the climbing rose on your house or tackle the fruit bushes, but don’t know where to begin. Not sure what to do with your Calamagrostis or why your Box hedging is looking a bit poorly, and why o why is the lawn looking awful at this time of year.

We can consult with you and provide you with a specifically tailored written schedules guiding you step by step about what should be done when and how best to undertaken these procedures, whether that be yourself or with the help of our trained professionals. We can also work directly alongside you teaching you best practices and some of our hints and tips to get the best results.

Whether you want to treat yourself, a loved one, or maybe a friend we can book in half or full day visits for one of our fully qualified and experienced horticulturists to help.

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