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Bushy Business Gardening - Garden Design
Bushy Business Gardening - Garden Design
Bushy Business Gardening - Garden Design
David Stone – Lead Designer/Operations Manager

David Stone
Lead Designer/
Operations Manager

You don’t leave the curation of your garden to chance. A mixture of what’s you have inherited when you bought the house, the builders add-ons whilst they were on site, and the toll of time and weather while mother nature tries to reclaim what his hers. It can be a fight of wills and be fraught with an unknown. With a maze of styles, materials choices, what you want from your garden and what will actually work, it can all be a bit daunting.

We can help guide you through this process and come up with an exciting and invigorating design that not only achieves you desires but will also stand the test of time.

Our design team lead by David Stone can come and meet you and your garden to discuss your wants and wishes before coming up with a new exciting plan for your space, whether a small urban plot or sprawling estate.

The process follows these basic guidelines;

  • Initial visit to meet you and talk about your garden
  • Written document containing the basis of the conversation and some initial recommendations along with a proposed design content and fee.
  • After agreement of work a survey of the garden will be undertaken.
  • Outline sketch(s) will be drawn up and chatted through with you including Mood Boards to talk through ideas.
  • Outline plan will be drawn up based on this conversation with suggested material literature and samples for agreement.
  • Final plan drawn up to scale ready for tender.
  • Part of this process may also include;
    • Detailed specification drawings including for bespoke items
    • Detailed planting plans and lists
    • Lighting and Irrigation plans
    • Schedule of works with timescales, material quantities, suppliers etc
    • Full size samples of suggested materials so you can see and feel what is being suggested

Here are a few of examples of our design documents.

Cranleigh Garden Design

Godalming Garden Design

Oak Pergola Drawing


Pond Cross Section

Bushy Business Gardening - Garden Design
Bushy Business Gardening - Garden Design
Bushy Business Gardening - Garden Design

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