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Welcome to our festive cornucopia of garden-and-gardening-inspired gems – enlightening in every way! If your garden looks good in December then the rest of the year will take care of itself.

You can still enjoy being outside this month, adding uplifting little touches. Here are some ideas on how to put the ‘dec’ into December …

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Consider a Camellia
They bloom over the winter, cheering up the greyest of days. Talk to us for further details.

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Create your own magical garden grotto

Who says you have to go out to celebrate the festive season? It’s great fun to make your own grotto – and it will be admired by young and old alike.

1. All you need are some pretty fairy lights and lanterns to light paths, steps and trees, leading to your grotto. You’ll enjoy choosing enchanting elves, fairies etc – you could even go the whole hog and transform a garden shed or summerhouse into a Santa’s grotto!
2. Share some festive fayre al fresco in your little grotto – click here for ideas.

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How do your Wisley Gardens ‘Glow’?

For further inspiration, see how the experts do it at RHS Wisley Gardens; fantastical illuminated flowers will light your way as you enjoy Wisley’s beautiful landscape, transformed for the festive season.

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Brighten a bird’s day

Check your bird baths aren’t frozen during the winter months. If you haven’t got one, Coniston baths are made with environmentally-friendly Clayplas+, which combines 30% recycled plastic content with 70% clay. It’s more durable and, if you buy from Vinehouse Farm, each sale supports the work of your local Wildlife Trust.

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Bushy Beverage of the month

Have a bubbly Christmas and New Year toasting the season with a sparkling little number from local vineyard The Denbies Wine Estate, Dorking. The largest wine producer in the country, Denbies has just won a ‘Which? Consumer award’ for its Chalk Valley Sparkling Brut NV – and beat Italian and French rivals. To test for yourself head to Morrisons or click here.

All of us at Bushy Business wish you a very merry Christmas and New Year!
Right, I’m off for a mince pie …

Chris Stone
Head of Beautiful Gardens

Fun in the garden