Fun in the garden

Happy April! 

With everything that has been going on over the past two years – and with April being the month of Easter, we are focusing on the precious feeling of tranquility this issue and how to find it!

Our garden should be one place where we can enjoy some calm. If you don’t feel your outdoor space – or life in general – offers that, we have some ideas to improve it below.

That said, children, while potentially not being that quiet (!) bring real zest to our lives. Looking ahead, it’s National Children’s Gardening Week between 28th May – 5th June 2022, which celebrates the fun that gardens hold for kids. We love some of the ideas for gardening projects on their website that everyone can enjoy and they’re useful for school holidays too!

The initiative also supports Greenfingers, a national charity dedicated to helping children who spend time in hospices by creating inspiring gardens for them to relax in and enjoy.

So we have inspiring news and activities for everyone – we hope you enjoy this issue!

Chris & all the Bushy team

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Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 46

Little April flowers

We’ve chosen Alyssum this month as these small flowers come in many colours and are perfect for children to grow, with a little help from the adults!

Creating a Peace garden

Follow the Zen gardens of Japan by creating an open area devoid of noise, distractions and clutter to soothe your soul.

Perhaps have a physical structure to absorb sound like trees or a living wall. And add fragrant plants that calm like rose, jasmine, lillies, lavender, chamomile and lemon balm, Or choose plants that lift your mood, like sunflowers.

Paving can add a sense of calm and structure, especially when the stone is attractive, as can a gentle water feature. You could even include a place for pilates, yoga or meditation – maybe in a pavilion or gazebo.

And you might like an actual peace symbol like a Buddha, or a sun dial or suncatcher. Lastly, to ensure people join in, put a Peace Garden sign up – they’ll soon get the hint!

Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 46
Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 46
Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 46

Forest for Wellbeing Trail

Somewhere we haven’t mentioned for a long time is Alice Holt, near Farnham – and they have a wellbeing trail amongst the trees, just right for boosting mental and physical health. Why not have a wander?

Perennially there

While we’re on the subject of wellbeing, a shout out for Perennial, a horticultural-based charity we partner with. They provide free and confidential advice, support and financial assistance to people of all ages working in, or retired from horticulture

It’s time for a BBQ!

I came across The BBQ Company recently and really liked their ethos: that they see the BBQ community as ‘very much a family’, that they love teaching people new ways to enjoy cooking outdoors – and that they believe that cooking outdoors can and should be done year round, no matter what the weather conditions! If this grabs your attention like it did mine, take a look at their website/classes/recipes here.

Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 46
Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 45

Bushy Beverage

We’re excited to see that there is an Easter Beer Festival (14-18 April) at The Alfred Free House in Upper Hale, Farnham! They promise a huge selection of the best beers from independent breweries, good food and live music for a memorable weekend. Hurrah!

Until next time!

We’ve been sharing ideas on finding some peace and happiness this issue, so we thought we’d add to that by saying that when we work with you, we want you to feel the same sense of wellbeing. That’s why we have a Customer Guarantee – to give you peace of mind. You can take a look at it on our website – we’re good people to work with!

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