Fun in the garden

Spring is coming!

We know February is a winter month but the shoots of spring have sprung and we’re on our way to better weather, lockdown or no lockdown!

We’ve already heard some woodpeckers drumming away in the woods as part of their courtship. It’s lovely to have these signs of hope and renewal isn’t it?

Even if we can’t venture far, we can enjoy supporting some of our local places – here are some ideas … have fun!

Chris & all the Bushy team

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Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 32

Mahonia sunshine

If you enjoy the bright yellow, early spring flowers, Mahonia, with its shiny leaves and clusters of cheery blooms, can be seen now – and has juicy berries in autumn. We’ve already spied daffodils too!

Valentine’s Day outside

One of our local favourites, Winkworth Arboretum, offers lovely woodland for a stroll, to recharge the batteries and relax. You need to book ahead before visiting but the fresh air will make you feel rejuvenated! Details here.

Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 32
Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 32

National Pizza Day – hurrah for the excuse!

‘Pizza Day’ came from the USA and is observed annually on 9th February. It’s quite handy in the colder months to have the excuse to order a delicious hot treat – or equally, it can be fun to make one with plenty of extra toppings! For a bit of excitement, why not BBQ it? Here’s an idea.

Keeping the garden gates open

Pre-pandemic, The National Garden Scheme (NGS) gave visitors unique access to over 3,500 exceptional private gardens in England and Wales – you may have heard of it. During lockdown, some of the garden owners created videos so people can still enjoy them virtually.

And the NGS also raises money for nursing and health charities through donations. You can view over 180 gardens virtually here – and donate if you wish.

Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 32
Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 32

Bushy Beverage

How about giving a little love to someone for Valentines with this Sparking Rose Wine, made at Painshill Park in Cobham? You may have spotted Painshill on Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ series recently. The wine is available in their shop. You need to pre-book or be a member to visit.

Until next time!

Being at home more – or viewing some of the NGS gardens virtually (see above) may have given you the taste for change when it comes to your own garden. We can help you with further inspiration and expertise to make your dreams a reality. We’re a friendly bunch and would be happy to have a chat. Contact us here.

Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 29