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Hello! We all need a bit of calm and tranquillity and, this issue, we’re focusing on why spending time in the garden helps improve well-being. There’s a lovely quote by Gwenn Fried, a horticulture therapist, who talks about the benefits. She said: “Growing something green, something real, something alive, is a hopeful thing to do.
So, take a look at our ideas and then head outside and enjoy some fresh air!
Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 22

Plant your own stress relief!

There are several plants that provide relief from daily anxieties. Smelling sweetly-scented lavender can have a calming effect. Jasmine is also fragrant and contains beneficial antioxidants, perfect for a delicious tea. Chamomile is well known for its soothing properties in tea – and all these can be grown in your garden.

Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 22

Easter heat and eat

Welcome spring in and dust off your BBQ! If it’s a sunny day, you could grill traditional Easter dishes like lamb or ham in the garden. If not, cheat and do it inside! Recipe ideas here.

Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 22

Bushy Beverage

This month, warm your cockles with a Whiskey Sour – well, it still has egg in it, even if it’s not of the Easter variety! Here’s the recipe from Waitrose.

Keep going, keep growing

Here’s a quick shout out for the National Trust, which gives so many people pleasure and makes a positive difference to life in a myriad of ways. It’s celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, so why not lend your support? There are plenty of opportunities.

And finally, Bushy Business is here to transform – and maintain – your garden to make it look its best. Contact us if you’d like more information.

Chris Stone
Head of Beautiful Gardens
Fun in the garden