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What part of December do you like the best? And don’t say ‘when it’s over!’.

Yes, that giddy time of year is upon us again and, this issue, we suggest a few ‘extras’ and alternatives to make the season bright …

Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 18

Holly? Or not holly. That is the question …

We all love a bit of holly at Christmas but you don’t have to go for the common spiky type. There are actually over 400 varieties worldwide, ranging from small shrubs to large climbers and trees. Some can live for around 300 years and only the female plants produce berries! More on holly varieties from the RHS here.

Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 18

A twist on Christmas sprouts

Love ‘em or not, sprouts are a Christmas staple. Jazz them up this year by adding the exotic flavour of pomegranate. Here’s the BBC recipe …

Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 18

Festive fare for feathered friends

Don’t throw away your Christmas leftovers! Much of it will make welcome snacks for birds, including fat from cuts of meat, roast potatoes, brussels, parsnips or carrots, some cheeses … the RSPB has a fantastic list here.

Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 18

Of reindeer and deer

Catching a deer bounding across a forest glade is magical. Enjoy some fresh air and see some of the fallow deer living in the majestic woodland at Petworth Park, landscaped by ‘Capability’ Brown. Or splendid Ashdown Forest makes for a great alternative. To see reindeer, you could head to the farm at Birdworld. For a reindeer of your own, complete with twinkly lights, the RHS has some lovely wicker ones …

Bushy Business - Fun In The Garden – Issue 18

Bushy Beverage

For something that ‘looks the part’ but isn’t your standard festive offering, this ‘White Christmas’ cocktail includes white crème de cacao, almond liqueur, vodka, cream and white chocolate – let it snow and enjoy! Recipe here from The Drink Blog.

Even in December, there’s always something that needs doing in the garden. If you wish you had some help and inspiration, why not treat yourself to Bushy Business?

We care for all types of gardens from compact lawns to country estates – see what we do here.

Until next time, all of us here at Bushy wish you a wonderful festive season!

Chris Stone
Head of Beautiful Gardens
Fun in the garden