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Welcome to our August issue and ‘Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer’ with our song list of garden-inspired food, drink and activities.

Take it away! …

Bushy Business - The great July garden escape

Waterfalls (TLC)

‘Don’t go chasing waterfalls’ as the song goes, have one in your garden! The RHS reports that: ‘during the past century, nearly 70% of ponds have been lost from the UK countryside. This means garden ponds and water features have an increased importance for wildlife’. If you’re thinking about adding a water feature, autumn and winter are the best times for constructing them. Take a look at this RHS guide for ideas.

Bushy Business - The great July garden escape

‘Lavender’s Blue Dilly Dilly’!

Lavender thrives in the garden in full summer sunshine and is a friend to bees and other pollinating insects. If you’d like to see rolling fields of sweetly-fragranced purple flower heads, there are several farms in Surrey and Hampshire. Mayfield organic Lavender Farm in Banstead is one of the biggest.

Bushy Business - The great July garden escape

‘You shall have a fishy on a little dishy’

Fed up with BBQ burgers and sausages but still want something easy? Look at this delicious wild trout with a pout, plus courgette, smoked with chorizo and herbs. It can be cooked in 25 minutes on a compact Weber BBQ. Take it to the beach, or, to barbie without the ‘Q’ enjoy in the seclusion of your garden. Here’s how.

Bushy Business - The great July garden escape

Photo credit: The Gin Kitchen

Bushy Beverage: ‘It’s cold gin time again’ (Kiss)

Visit any modern bar and you’ll be presented by a rainbow of coloured bottles of all shapes and sizes, many of them containing gin, infused with fruit and floral notes.This summer, the way to savour the flavour is in large balloon Copa glasses with some fresh garnish. To delve deeper into the gin craze, the Gin Kitchen, Dorking, offers tasting and distilling experiences, including a bottle of your own crafted gin.You can also buy online.

Paradise (Coldplay)

If you don’t like the work involved in keeping your garden looking its best, why not let us do it? Whether it’s planting out your vegetables, pruning your roses, mowing your lawns or giving it all a bit of landscaping, we’re experts! Book your free Bushy garden appraisal here (we promise not to sing ‘Round and round the garden’!).

Until next time … ‘I’m walking on sunshine!’ … (Katrina and the Waves) … or you could look up ‘Garden Song’ by John Denver … ?? :)

Chris Stone
Head of Beautiful Gardens
Fun in the garden