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Well, here is the much-threatened FIRST edition of our ‘Fun In The Garden‘ blog for Bushy Business clients, friends and contacts. It’s possible that I mentioned in my previous emails that I would dress up as a gnome if I failed to hit my June target. Well, against all expectations, we made the deadline and so now the joke is on the gnome! Worryingly, he seems to be buckling under my great weight … :)

So, what better time to give you some ideas for making the absolute most of your garden than now, when Summer has put on her glad rags and the outside beckons? Pull up a garden chair and read on …

bushybusiness newsletter blog1

Be creative with cacti and succulents

Cacti and succulents are a ‘thing’ currently and have amazing colours, shapes and textures. Some of our favourites are Echeveria, Aloe Maculata, Sempervivum and Sedum. Continue the trend by using creative containers and planting some outside. Try old crockery for that whimsical look; perhaps a disused metal fire pit; plant inside the holes of cement blocks or beach driftwood … if it will hold soil, drain well and excess water can evaporate, give it a go.

It’s a great thing to do with the kids as well; I used to plant up old ice cream tubs with daisies and grass. Mind you this was when we used to collect frog spawn from puddles and keep them in the ice cream tubs, ah heady days!

Photo: FreeDigitalPhotos.net – tueleksa.

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Best BBQ ever!

I’ve bought myself a brand new gas BBQ and have been busy trying out different methods and recipes so that I can share ideas (I know, selfless!). For example, if you rub too much piri piri spice mix into chicken did you know that adding natural yoghurt can make said chicken edible! Next month I promise to give you some proper tips (try not to think of Jo and the kids being used as guinea pigs in the meantime – although Holly is quite happy about it (pictured). For now, click on the link to see the professionals at work.

Watch this great video from Riverside.

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Bushy beverage of the month

Enjoy your garden and some ‘me’ time, with a glass of something cool. Did you know that Silent Pool in the Surrey Hills distils its own award-winning, bespoke gin? Of course you did! In another selfless act I’ve bought some (the things I do for this business!) and will work out the best ways to enjoy it. How’s this for a fact: the bottle was inspired by the mystic spring-fed lake, next to the distillery. So, until I get my gin-tasting hat on, why not make a visit yourself .. chin, chin!

Visit Silent Pool or order online; details here.

The Bushy Business Guarantee

Many of our clients and contacts have worked with us for years – so it’s possible that you’ve not seen our most up-to-date photo of the team in all its glory! Also, you may not be aware of our Bushy Business ‘Good people to work with’ Guarantee. We hope it says a lot about how we respect the trust our clients place in us.

Read about our way of working here.

Every season offers a rich bounty of things to experience in the garden, so we’ll be back next month with more news and ideas on the best, the newest, the most entertaining and interesting.

Have a great month!

Chris Stone
Head of Beautiful Gardens

Fun in the garden