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2 10, 2020

Fun In The Garden – Issue 28

As we all continue to navigate our way through the pandemic, we look at some of the gifts that autumn brings to cheer us – including leaf-peeping! That’s what Americans call strolling through the woods, marvelling at the fiery display of golds, oranges and red leaves. We’ve included a few other ideas for

6 09, 2020

Fun In The Garden – Issue 27

With more people returning to the office and going back to education, it would be easy to feel that summer is over but September can be the best time of year for warmth and sunshine (fingers crossed!). At the time of writing there is greater freedom of movement (with social distancing) but check

3 08, 2020

Fun In The Garden – Issue 26

As I write, our part of the world is slowly opening up again, bringing more choice in what we're able to do. Fortunately, even for those staying close to home, nature provides endless variety - it's certainly never boring! This month, while venturing further out, we also focus on what you can see

1 07, 2020

Fun In The Garden – Issue 25

Welcome to our July issue of ‘Fun In the Garden’ and I hope you've been able to appreciate some of the joys that summer brings! This year has certainly been very different to usual and staycations are looking likely for many of us. However, paradise is not lost! You can bring the beach

1 05, 2020

Fun In The Garden – Issue 23

One of the silver linings of this awful pandemic has been that more people have realised how much pleasure can be gained from simply being in a garden! Every day I hear stories about why having a connection with the natural world has made a positive difference. If you need some garden supplies,

4 04, 2020

Fun In The Garden – Issue 22

Hello! We all need a bit of calm and tranquillity and, this issue, we're focusing on why spending time in the garden helps improve well-being. There’s a lovely quote by Gwenn Fried, a horticulture therapist, who talks about the benefits. She said: "Growing something green, something real, something alive, is a hopeful thing to

31 12, 2019

Fun In The Garden – Issue 19

Well, the Christmas tree has been recycled, the shortest day of the year is behind us and we can look forward to the renewal that spring brings. If January feels like a drab month, this issue we’re highlighting everything colourful and energising to bring some cheer. Don't discount Dogwood!

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