31 05, 2021

Fun In The Garden – Issue 36

Transform your leisure time outside I’m writing with the usual caveat that things could change but, currently, the pubs are open, people are out and about – and (whisper it) some warmer, drier weather is forecast! And that makes it much easier to enjoy both our gardens and our favourite places. We

3 03, 2021

Fun In The Garden – Issue 33

A growing sense of optimism! We hope that the good news we’ve received as I’m writing this - about the roadmap out of lockdown - continues. In the meantime, we all need some fun don’t we! This issue, rain or shine, we’ve brought you some ideas to put the ‘marvellous’ back into

2 02, 2021

Fun In The Garden – Issue 32

Spring is coming! We know February is a winter month but the shoots of spring have sprung and we’re on our way to better weather, lockdown or no lockdown! We’ve already heard some woodpeckers drumming away in the woods as part of their courtship. It’s lovely to have these signs of hope

4 01, 2021

Fun In The Garden – Issue 31

Happy New Year 2021! We really hope you found some brightness through the festive season and, like us, are looking forward to this year. While writing, we’re still in a high tier but with our gardens there is always something to see and do. And you can bring nature indoors too …

2 10, 2020

Fun In The Garden – Issue 28

As we all continue to navigate our way through the pandemic, we look at some of the gifts that autumn brings to cheer us – including leaf-peeping! That’s what Americans call strolling through the woods, marvelling at the fiery display of golds, oranges and red leaves. We’ve included a few other ideas for

6 09, 2020

Fun In The Garden – Issue 27

With more people returning to the office and going back to education, it would be easy to feel that summer is over but September can be the best time of year for warmth and sunshine (fingers crossed!). At the time of writing there is greater freedom of movement (with social distancing) but check

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