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4 11, 2023

Fun In The Garden – Issue 65

Notes for November on planning a naturally festive garden November is the perfect time for planning and looking forward after the busy summer months. With Christmas on the horizon you may be ticking off your ‘to do’ list inside the house; in this issue, we’ve got an easy way to make the

5 10, 2023

Fun In The Garden – Issue 64

Horticultural solutions for October You, like me, might feel very sad that the wonderful, iconic tree at Sycamore Gap - beside Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland  - was vandalised and cut down recently. Fortunately the tree’s stump, thought to be about 300 years old, is healthy so at time of writing they’re considering

4 09, 2023

Fun In The Garden – Issue 63

Create the sexiest September garden Don't worry, we haven't gone crackers - but we have got some tips on how to make your garden the place everyone wants to be: last issue we looked at some attractive shelters so that you can continue to enjoy get togethers outside whatever the mood of

7 08, 2023

Fun In The Garden – Issue 62

Our summer months are so precious so, whatever the British weather does this August, make sure you embrace it with Attitude! This issue we’ve got some great ways to enjoy being outside in your garden as well as further afield. Why not combine a cheeky cocktail with a BBQ and sit and

5 07, 2023

Fun In The Garden – Issue 61

From losing yourself in a soothing reverie to pizza parties in your garden – how will you choose to spend your time outside this month? We’ve got some great ideas for enjoying this month to the max and ways that your garden could help you sleep better too. Also, a quick shout

6 06, 2023

Fun In The Garden – Issue 60

Giving your garden a world of appeal This time of year the weather improves (usually!) and thoughts turn to holidays in the UK and overseas. But you don’t have to go abroad to see some of the exquisite flora – bring some international plants into your own outdoor spaces. With a plan

4 05, 2023

Fun In The Garden – Issue 59

Flower power in May What a wonderful month May is; one of my favourite things about it is gazing at all those new, fresh green leaves on our trees - it's really heartlifting isn't it? And another delight is seeing the beautiful displays of brilliant, joyful colour provided by rhododendrons and azaleas,

7 03, 2023

Fun In The Garden – Issue 57

Making plans in March If you've been dreaming of warmer days over the winter now is the time to ensure your garden fulfils its potential to be your go-to outside space this summer! Your imagination, coupled with our comprehensive knowledge and experience, can create the perfect new outdoor environment. You'll be amazed

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