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Chris Stone - Managing Director

Chris Stone – Managing Director

Drinks; Tea, white, or Coffee, if it’s a bit hectic!
Biscuits; Raspberry and White Chocolate Cookie

Chris started his working life in London in money broking before he quickly realised that wasn’t the life for him. He started working on a local trade nursery and enrolled himself at Merrist Wood College, starting up a maintenance round from his trusty Mini van in 1996. From there his maintenance round expanded and the business has continued to develop over the years working with high profile clients and designers and including building award winning RHS gardens at Chelsea and Hampton Court. His passion and drive to continue to develop and grow the business is unending, as he strives to build a business that is recognised at the forefront of the landscape industry.

David Stone - Lead Designer/Operations Manager

David Stone – Lead Designer/Operations Manager

Qualifications; Adv. Dip. Garden Design

Drinks; Earl Grey with a dash of milk please
Biscuits; You can’t beat a Chocolate Digestive!

David knew he wanted to design gardens when he was 17, greenkeeping for work experience whilst at school, led to a couple of jobs at local nurseries before a 4-year stint at 2 major garden centres. Merrist Wood and Brinsbury Colleges, and a brother starting up a garden and landscape business it was all coming together. Building, maintaining and designing gardens over the last 18 years has allowed David to realise what works not only aesthetically, but in real life, and his gardens are designed to last. A huge dollop of passion coupled with a hard-working ethic and a perfectionist’s streak means he knows how to get the job done and give the client the garden they’ve been dreaming of.

David is also a committee member of the Surrey Garden Design Group.

Matt West – Garden Maintenance

Jo Stone – Office Manager

Drinks; Black Tea please
Biscuits; Chocolate HobNob

After putting up with Chris for longer than either of them care to remember, long suffering Jo has a vast experience of the day to day workings having worked in many different office roles. Having grown up with parents who owned a specialist Clematis nursery, Jo has spent her whole life around plants.  Before the kids came along, Jo worked for 5 years with her parents looking after the office and payroll and helping out with any potting and canning up. In her role in the office now she runs the day to day admin and payroll amongst others things, oh, and trying to keep Chris in check.

Natalie Frawley – Office Assistant

Natalie Frawley – Head of Customer Delight!

Drinks; Tea, white or Coffee a sweetener if you’ve got one!?
Biscuits; Fruit Shortcake

With her big smile, Natalie joined us at the end of 2016 and has already made a big impact helping Jo whip Chris and David in to shape! With her wealth of experience previously working for Audi and Deustche Bank and a keen outdoor girl with farming roots, she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and help the company deliver fantastic service to our clients and charm our suppliers. She will often be the one answering your calls, confirming your appointments and making sure the boys have got your back to you, but she also helps put our marketing together and if you have received one our letters you will appreciate the time and care she puts in to each and every one of them.

Matt West – Garden Maintenance

Katie Maxey – HR & H&S Administrator

Qualifications; Level 4 NVQ in Occupational Health & Safety Practice, NEBOSH General Certificate in Health & Safety

Drinks; White Coffee no sugar
Biscuits; Anything with Chocolate on!😊
Matt West – Garden Maintenance

Desi Stoeva- Office Assistant

Drinks; Coffee with Oat Milk
Biscuits; Not a biscuit fan but love chocolate!
Matt West – Garden Maintenance

Graham Nunns – Head of Garden Maintenance and Aftercare

Qualifications: ND Horticulture, PA1, RHS Pruning courses, EFAW First Aider

Drinks: Coffee a.m Tea p.m both white with one sugar thanks
Biscuits; Ooh, Chocolate HobNob Thanks!

Graham is celebrating his 10th year with us in 2021. 10 years ago we nabbed him from Notcutts and in the intervening years he has worked hard to help us build up the maintenance and aftercare client base, providing hard work and attention to detail in every garden he has worked in or oversees.  His personable manner, tenacity and passion for all things horticultural has meant he has worked his way up through the ranks in those years to become our Maintenance and Aftercare manager.  Grahams day to day tasks mean he finds himself working less in clients gardens but is always on hand to get stuck in and relishes the opportunity to whip his secateurs out and get pruning.

Grahams background is well rooted in horticulture having keen gardening parents he went on to Merrist Wood College to study Amenity Horticulture and Landscaping. Whilst there and for four years thereafter he worked at Notcutts Garden Centre in Cranleigh working up to Planteria Supervisor before joining us and becoming a valued member of the team.

Matt West – Garden Maintenance

Cameron Rodgers – Garden Maintenance and Aftercare Team Leader

Qualifications; NVQ Level 2 Horticulture, PA1/ PA6, NPORS A/W, RHS Pruning courses, EFAW First Aider

Drinks; Tea, white or black Coffee, is great
Biscuits; BN-BN, sorry a bit niche!

Cameron was working at M&S when he came to us and expressed his desire to change career and tell us he wanted to go to college and learn horticulture alongside working. We weren’t going to stop him, so we helped to get him signed up and got him working in the maintenance team where he has shown very impressive development and a great understanding on how to get the task at hand done. Cameron has shown massive development since leaving college and has become such an invaluable member of the team that we have promoted him to a Maintenance Team Leader. His knowledge and skills have shown no abating, so we are awaiting him snapping on Grahams heels soon!

Jack Barney - Garden Maintenance

Jonny Woodley – Garden Maintenance and Aftercare Team Leader

Qualifications; Numerous RHS pruning courses, EFAW First Aider

Drinks; Tea but coffee if it’s easier
Biscuits; Anything Choc Chip or a Bourbon

Jonny came to us 8 years ago, having spent a lot of time soft landscaping for high end domestic development companies. Since then his skill set and knowledge has increased beyond recognition and now he is an invaluable member of the team.  His passion and enthusiasm, along with a cheeky smile, continues to light up the maintenance team and his clients.  Being an experienced team leader Jonny helps out with some of the day to day running of the maintenance team and will always be helping his team mates with on-site training in the ‘Bushy Way’as his passion and enthusiasm, along with a cheeky smile, continues to light up the maintenance team and its clients.

Jack Barney - Garden Maintenance

Jack Barney – Garden Maintenance

Qualifications; NVQ Level 2 Horticulture, ROLO Health & Safety, EFAW First Aider

Drinks; Tea 1 sugar please.
Biscuits; Ooh…, Chocolate Digestive

Jack always has a cheeky smile and hello but is also a hard-working individual who gets on with the job in hand.  He started off with us working on soft landscaping projects but found his home in the day to day maintenance and aftercare of our clients gardens.  You will always find him stuck in and smiling wherever he is in your garden.

Matt West – Garden Maintenance

Matt Pitts – Garden Maintenance

Qualifications; RHS Level 2 and 3 Horticulture, PA1/PA6

Drinks; Black coffee with 1 sugar please
Biscuits; Bourbon (only said it after Conor did!)

After being a senior horticulturist at HCL Landscapes, running his own Horticultural company, building and helping plant 2 award winning RHS gardens its fair to say Matt knows a bit about gardens and landscapes.  His passion and knowledge has meant he has worked with some well-known garden designers and built and cared for some beautiful gardens, and he joined us to much more of the same.  When he isn’t in your garden you may find Matt visiting gardens around the UK and abroad for pleasure, the sign of a passionate horticulturist.

Matt West – Garden Maintenance

Conor Bates – Garden Maintenance

Qualifications; ND Landscape Construction & Horticulture

Drinks; Tea with one please
Biscuits; Hmm, Bourbon!

Conor describes himself as a horticulturist and i think its fair to say that his skill set show him to be so.  He left his last company as he felt that he had learnt all he could and needed to be surrounded by other like-minded people that could help him grow further and learn more.  He has quickly established himself as an invaluable member of the team and his always happy to get stuck in.  A keen eye for detail and a great pant knowledge, hes’s learning the ‘Bushy way’ and we will be looking for Conor to develop further within the maintenance and aftercare team and have a deeper understanding of our clients gardens to help become an important and dependable team member.

Matt West – Garden Maintenance

Thomas Pady – Garden Maintenance

Qualifications; Level 2 Diploma Horticulture, ROLO Health, Safety & Awareness

Drinks; Black coffee, oat milk if you have it
Biscuits; Haven’t made up my mind yet!

Thomas has spent a relatively short amount of time in horticulture but has an absolute passion for the industry and is always absorbing informaiton, reading up and asking questions of his workmates.  A dedicated and confident team member. He has been working closely with our team leaders to bring on his kowledge and understandiing of how we work, undoubtably he is already a key asset to the company and we see him growing with us looking after our clients and their gardens.

Matt West – Garden Maintenance

Sam Fosberry – Garden Maintenance

Qualifications; BSc Hons Ecology, FdSc Countryside Management, PA1 & PA6

Drinks; White Coffee, hold the sugar thans
Biscuits; Hob-Nob

Sam trained as a ecologist, achieving a first class honours degree before coming a Countryside warden in West Sussex. Working over multiple sites and carrying out mantenance and remedial work he then helped to lead groups to carry out work with volunteers, organising and overseeing their work.  Sam contunued in this role for almost seven years and worked up to liaising and overseeing over 25 volunteer groups, their risk assessments and occasionally carrying out ecology studies and getting hands-on with the tools.  He wanted to get back to his roots and felt the change to working in a maintenacne and aftercare company would allow him to use his transferable skills and develop a career in horticulure.

Matt West – Garden Maintenance

Ashley Fox – Garden Maintenance


Paul Charman – Head of Soft Landscape

Paul Charman – Head of Soft Landscape

Qualifications; NPTC Level 2 Extended Certificate in Horticulture, NPTC Level 1 Practical Horticulture Skills, CSCS Health & Safety, CITB Health & Safety, NPORS E/D, EFAW First Aider

Drinks; Tea please, with a dash of honey!
Biscuits; Custard Cream or maybe a Bourbon a bit old school!

Paul has joined us to head up our soft landscaping department and comes from rounding off his vast skill set by working for The Outdoor Room undertaking hard landscaping on high end projects and numerous RHS medal winning gardens.  But it is soft landscaping that is his passion, and with working for over a decade with SJM Landscapes and over 3 years at Evergreen and Hilliers. In fact, his whole career is based around a love of horticulture and the outdoors. So, with his all-round knowledge and fantastic people skills he will be striding forward with our soft landscape work, liaising and arranging projects from concept to completion with his meticulous approach and keen eye on detail.

Sam Bosanquet - Soft Landscape Team Leader

Sam Bosanquet – Soft Landscape Team Leader

Qualifications; NPORS E/D, EFAW First Aider

Drinks; Tea (milk no sugar), or Coffee (white with one)
Biscuits; Chocolate HobNob

With a cheeky smile and a glint in his eye, Sam is a buoyant and dedicated leader of people.  Sam is adept at everything that comes his way and joined us after moving away from London and settling in the country. He left Cameron Gardens Landscape to join our team and has undoubted fitted in well, capable at whatever he is tasked to do.  He has a wealth of experience from working at such high-end projects as The Ivy restaurants, Queens Tennis Club and The Savoy going back to the start of his career way back at Hilliers tree nursery.  He’s also a talented musician, or so he tells us!

Rebecca Crawley – Garden Maintenance

Rebecca Crawley – Garden Maintenance/ Soft Landscaping

Qualifications; RHS Level 2 and 3 Horticulture, EFAW First Aider

Drinks; Tea with milk!
Biscuits; Only one choice, Chocolate HobNob

Becca joind us in 2018 straight from studyng her A-levels and in that time she has grown and delveloped a wide horticultral skillset from nothing more than an intrest in gardens.  Initially undertaking her RHS level 2 we then set her on her level 3.  After starting off learning the ropes in our maintenance and aftercare team she has more recently been working on soft landscaping projects and turning barren plats in to planted paradises.  Becca is keen to have an all-round knowledge so i’m sure it won’t be too long before she starts to see how a hard landscape project runs and picking up a trowel to lay her first paviour.

Roger Young - Head of Hard Landscaping

Roger Young – Head of Hard Landscaping

Qualifications; NC Hort, NPORS E/D, EFAW First Aider

Drinks; Black Tea with one or two, depends how I’m feeling.
Biscuits; A nice Rich Tea please

Roger has joined us from Clifton Nurseries where he has been working as ‘Chief snagger and finger pointer’.  He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience to head up our hard-landscaping teams having worked on high end projects for Clifton Nurseries, Scotscape as well as in Australia.  After a while away from the industry he has realised that his passion lay in the great outdoors getting his hands dirty. If he’s not between sites keeping Matt and Sean in check you will find him liaising with clients and designers to make sure the job runs as smoothly as possible. His ethos is simple, ‘to provide the best possible product for the end consumer’.  With that, he should fit in well, and help, Bushy Business maintain its vision of customer care and our ‘good people to work with’ guarantee.

Matt West – Garden Maintenance

Nick Trice – Team leader Hard Landscaping


Drinks; Coffee, with a dash
Biscuits; Lotus biccy (too much time at the hairdressers!)

Having run his own company and working for some large companies in the industry for many years Nick has a wealth of experience and knowledge and is passionate about the industry and the work he does.  With a keen eye for detail and an unsatiable appetite to hep bring and train the team around him Nick is an asset to Bushy Business and a big help to Roger with the smooth running of projects.

Mike Lydford – Hard Landscaping

Mike Lydford – Hard Landscaping

Qualifications; Level 2 Horticulture, EFAW First Aider

Drinks; I’m not fussy, maybe a herbal tea?
Biscuits; Oooh got to be a HobNob!

Mike joined us in 2018 as fresh faced, enthusiasitc labourer who had some very basic experience on building sites and as a groundsman for a tree surgeon. Since then Mike has come on leaps and bounds and since attending Collage he has found a unbridled passion for landscaping.  The new challenges he is set no longer faze him and you will find him getting stuck in with a big smile on his face.

Matt West – Garden Maintenance

James Hayes – Hard Landscaping

Qualifications; ND Landscape Construction & Horticulture

Drinks; Red Bush and Oat Milk if you could please
Biscuits; Garibaldi. Old School!

James joined us having been working as a fitness instructor.  2020 and a pandemic changed that and he realised his passion was back where he started off, building gardens with a lung full of fresh air.  You soon realise with James that he is determined to continue learning and absolutely has to get it right, and all with his infectious smile. Since joining us James has polished up his skillset and added some more as he has settled back in to landscaping with aplomb.

Matt West – Garden Maintenance

Tom Weller – Hard Landscaping

Drinks; Coffee, white with one thanks
Biscuits; Vienese? (How posh!)

Tom joined us from working as a labourer in the building trade since leaving collage.  He decided to change trades as he wanted to get the chance to use his creativity alongside his hands on skillset.  Since joining Tom has proved incredibly adept at anything he has been tasked with.  Seemingly unfazed and always happy to get stuck in, Tom has proved excellent at cutting paving and machinery work but ultimately adept at whatever heeds to be done.  We will be helping him build his skillset and look enroll him on some external training to becoming a skilled landscaper.

Matt West – Garden Maintenance

Bill Witham– Hard Landscaping

Qualifications; Level 5 Diploma sports & Remedial Massage
Drinks; Espresso, one sugar
Biscuits; Cannoli roll? (Another level!)

Bill joined us from working on London gardens, small spaces, tight or non-existing access so he knows about site awareness and being organised.  A Knowledgeable and dedicated landscaper who’s previous roles have involved taking responsibility, managing and ordering supplies and heing customer facing, he has plenty of transferable skills thatso far hold him in good stead for his current role and his future role with us.

Matt West – Garden Maintenance

Darren Yates- Hard Landscape

Drinks; Coffee, milky please and one sugar
Biscuits; Fig roll, if you happen to have any!

Darren joined the ranks as a labourer and fitted in well, learning the intricacies and tempo that hepls to make site tick.  Darren loves to have a clean surroundings so is ideal in his role to keep site tidy and safe.  Coming form a varied work background Darren wanted to get in to the great outdoors and we see him setting on the pathway to learning the skills to become a skilled landscaper in the coming years.

Holly - Guard Dog!!

Holly – Guard Dog!!

Qualifications; expert at sleeping.

Drinks; Water, chilled.
Biscuits; Anything & Everything.

Holly is Chris and Jo’s beloved pooch who can be found day to day sleeping in the office or in the sun when we have some. She will never turn down a biscuit if offered.  She has been the resident office dog for 8 years now and loves any affection that comes her way.

Frank – Part time office dog

Frank – Part time office dog

Qualifications; Sniffing out mice and anything else he can catch scent of.

Drinks; Water
Biscuits; Anything left lying around or you’ve left unattended in your bag!

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